Aims and scope

JPHPI publishes research in the marine post-harvest, aquatic biotechnology, aquatic biochemistry, aquatic product diversification, and characteristics of aquatic raw materials fields. Furthermore, JPHPI publishes studies on aquatic product quality, standardization, and other topics related to aquatic product technology.

The journal includes articles on various aspects of both basic and applied sciences, pertaining to topics such as
Harvesting and handling practices,
Processing methods utilizing traditional and new technologies,
Refrigeration and freezing techniques,
Packaging and storage
Safety and Traceability
Byproduct Utilization,
and Consumer Attitudes towards Aquatic Foods.
The journal covers fundamental research into aquatic products in relation to food chemistry, microbiology, and engineering. This includes all aquatic flora and fauna, such as seaweeds and underutilized species, used for human consumption or alternative purposes.