Jurnal Manajemen Hutan Tropika is a periodic scientific articles and conceptual thinking of tropical forest management covering all aspects of forest planning, forest policy, utilization of forest resources, forest ergonomics, forest ecology, forest inventory, silviculture, and management of regional ecosystems.

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J Man Hut Trop is published by the Department of Forest Management in cooperation with Persatuan Sarjana Kehutanan Indonesia (PERSAKI). J Man Hut Trop re-accredited B from the Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI) through the Decree of Directorate General of Higher Education No. 66b/DIKTI/Kep./2011 that effectively valid from August 2011 until August 2016. J Man Hut Trop is published in April, August, and December.

ISSN: 2087-0469

EISSN: 2089-2063

Vol 19, No 3 (2013)

Table of Contents


Diversity of Soil Arthropods in Teak Forest Plantation Forests at Cepu, Blora, Central Java PDF
Noor Farikhah Haneda, Novia Tri Marfuah 169
Implications of the Private Property Right to the Community Forest Businesses Formalization through the Certification Policy PDF
Bramasto Nugroho, Tatang Tiryana 178
Initial Infection of Falcataria moluccana Leaves and Acacia mangium Phyllodes by Uromycladium tepperianum Fungi in a Laboratory Trial PDF
Siti Muslimah Widyastuti, Harjono Harjono, Zulchan Andika Surya 187
Low Impact Felling Distance and Allowable Number of Felled Trees in TPTI System PDF
Ahmad Budiaman, Adita Agung Pradata 194

Conceptual Thinking

Total Economic Value in Investment Analysis PDF
Sudarsono Soedomo 201

Book Review

Challenges for Interdisciplinary Use in Forest Management Prompts of Coalition of Forest Management, Economic and Institutional Sciences: 2005, 361 pages PDF
Hariadi Kartodihardjo 208
Land Use, Climate Change and Biodiversity Modeling: Perspectives and Applications, 2011, 512 pages PDF
Lilik Budi Prasetyo 211

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E-ISSN : 2 0 8 9 - 2 0 6 3