Peer Review Process

The evaluation of manuscript suitability for publication in Media Konservasi involves a double blind review process conducted by peer reviewers and the Editorial Board. The Chief Editor manages communication with the authors and makes the final decision on acceptance, rejection, or the need for revision.

Submission Requirements:

1. Authors must adhere to the Submission Preparation Checklist, including attaching the Author Statement Form and following the specified manuscript format (Article Template) outlined by Media Konservasi when submitting their manuscripts.

2. After passing administrative screening, Chief Editor and Associate Editor conduct a prequalification review to assess the papers' suitability for further evaluation.

3. Manuscripts may be rejected without review if they fall into one of three categories:
- The topic doesn't align with Media Konservasi's scope.
- The content doesn't meet standards or lacks novelty, advancement, or consistency.
- Manuscripts don't adhere to Media Konservasi guidelines in the Instruction to Authors.

4. Qualified peer reviewers, selected by Chief Editor and Associate Editors, assess manuscripts that meet prequalification requirements.

5. Peer reviewers provide recommendations within three weeks, and conflicting recommendations prompt Chief Editor to seek a third reviewer or Board Editors' decision.

6. Papers requiring revision are returned to authors, who must submit revised manuscripts within three weeks via Media Konservasi's OJS platform.

7. Revised manuscripts, upon peer reviewer request, undergo re-examination within three weeks of the review request acceptance.

8. Chief Editor forwards revised manuscripts to Associate Editors to ensure compliance with peer reviewers' suggestions.

9. Associate Editors recommend returning to authors, acceptance, or rejection within two weeks.

10. Manuscripts may be rejected if authors fail to revise as suggested by reviewers or Editorial Board, or if there is inadequate response to suggestions.

11. Chief Editor notifies authors of rejection, allowing appeals. Appeals are reviewed by Chief Editor and relevant Associate Editor, with a final decision made.

12. Upon Chief Editors' acceptance, authors pay the Article Processing Charge (APC). The manuscript undergoes copyediting and layout before an acceptance letter is sent, announcing the publication issue.