Ratika Putriastuti, Lilik Kustiyah, Faisal Anwar


The aims of this research were to study perception, consumption and preferences of energy drink and also to analyze relationship between content of energy and caffeine in energy drink. This research used cross sectional study design and conducted in Solo (Terminal Tirtonadi, Terminal Kartasuro and Palur). The respondent (36 persons) was chosen by convenience sampling. Method used to analyze energy content was bomb calorimeter, while caffeine obstetrical analysis used spectrophotometer. The respondent consumed Extra Joss (44.4%), Hemaviton Jreng (19.4%), Kuku Bima Energy (13.9%), Kratingdaeng (8.3%), M-150 (5.6%), Hemaviton Energy drink (5.6%) and the rest Fit Up tablet. Reason of consumption is for stamina. The most important attributes selected by respondent were energy adding and activity supporter benefits. Time of working with consumptions (frequency and sum of consumptions) have significant relationship (p<0.05). Energy content (Kal/g) of Extra Joss was 4 278, Hemaviton Jreng 2 599, and Kuku Bima Energy 2 720, then caffeine content (mg/kg) of samples was 8 778, 7 688 dan 9 252, respectively.


Ratika Putriastuti (Primary Contact)
Lilik Kustiyah
Faisal Anwar
PutriastutiR., KustiyahL., & AnwarF. (2007). PERSEPSI, KONSUMSI DAN PREFERENSI MINUMAN BERENERGI. Jurnal Gizi Dan Pangan, 2(3), 13-25.
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