Publication Ethic

A publication has ethical rules and norms that must be obeyed by the author who will publish his scientific work in the publication media. Here are some rules for publication in the Journal of Economics and Development Policy:

A. Rules for writers:

  • Articles published in the Journal of Economics and Development Policy are free from plagiarism, meaning that the published journals are original (original) research results, ideas, or thoughts of the author without any data manipulation. The manuscript must include the source of the citation clearly when citing data from other sources.
  • Published articles must fit the scope discussed in the Journal of Development Economics and Policy.
  • The published articles do not cause conflicts with certain parties or harm others.
  • Articles published in the Journal of Economics and Development Policy are not currently or have been published in other journals or publications, if previously submitted manuscripts have been sent to other journals but have not been published, the authors must include a certificate of revocation of manuscripts from the previous journal.


 B.Rules for reviewers:

  • The review completion time for the main reviewer is 1 week.
  • The first reminder will be given by the journal manager to the main reviewer with the addition of 1 week.
  • The second reminder will be given by the manager after entering the additional time limit for completing the review, where the article will be transferred to the second reviewer.
  • The deadline for completing the review by the second reviewer is a maximum of 1 week from the time the article is received.
  • The content of the manuscript has the highest confidentiality. This journal uses a Double blind review process where the author and reviewer do not know each other.
  • Reviewers must provide clear comments and opinions, which are used as one of the important considerations for editors in making publication decisions.
  • In reviewing manuscripts, reviewers must not involve conflicts arising from competition, collaboration, relationships, or other connections with the authors, companies, or any institution connected to the manuscript.
  • The reviewer must identify each statement that the observation, derivation, or argument has previously reported must be accompanied by a relevant citation.


C. Rules for Editors:

  • The editor ensures that the manuscript editing process is carried out purely with consideration of values ​​and concepts in accordance with the Journal of Economics and Development Policy.
  • The manuscript editing process is carried out in a transparent manner. The decision of the management team of the Journal of Economics and Development Policy to accept, reject or return the manuscript to be corrected by the author is made with clear reasons. The editor must ensure that the author has the right to be publicly informed about the status of his manuscript, the process, and the reasons for an article being accepted, rejected, or corrected.
  • Editors must ensure that there is a writing guide for writers that can be easily accessed either in print or electronically.
  • The editor ensures that decisions in editing a manuscript, including deciding to accept or reject a manuscript, are based on purely professional considerations, without distinction of gender, religious background, ethnicity, political affiliation, and so on. If the manuscript must be selected (selected) due to the limited allocation of journal pages, the choice of the manuscript is based on objective considerations regarding the quality of the writing.
  • The editor must notify the author if the manuscript cannot be published by the managing team of the Journal of Economics and Development Policy. The editor does not use the unpublished data or writing for other purposes without the knowledge and permission of the author.