Yuliana Yuliana, Ali Khomsan, Soemiarti Patmonodewo, Hadi Riyadi, Deddy Muchtadi


The objective of this study was to analyze the effect of extension on nutrition-health and other factors on the growth of pre-school children.  The design of this study was a quasi experiment. The subjects of this study were pre-school children aged 3-6 year old with  some specified criteria, such as having no story of severe malnutrition and low birth weight, having a complete parents, literacy ability of the mother, stated in a health condi­tion/undefect handicapped, and did not follow any programs of early-age children educa­tion. The subjects were divided into two groups, namely group of control and group of in­tervention. The primary data collected consisted of family’s characteristics, child’s charac­teristics, and children’s care and development environment. Generally, there was no signifi­cant difference between pre- and post-test of mother’s knowledge on nutrition-health, both of control and intervention groups; however, there was a slightly difference on child-care on nutrition-health for the two groups. There was a significant difference on mother’s knowl­edge on nutrition-health between pre- and post- extension on the both groups.  About 51.3% of child’s growth was determined by factors of family and children.  The factors which had a possitive significant influence were body lenght, and mother’s knowledge on nutrition-health. 


Yuliana Yuliana (Primary Contact)
Ali Khomsan
Soemiarti Patmonodewo
Hadi Riyadi
Deddy Muchtadi
YulianaY., KhomsanA., PatmonodewoS., RiyadiH., & MuchtadiD. (2007). PENGARUH PENYULUHAN GIZI-KESEHATAN DAN FAKTOR LAINNYA TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN ANAK USIA PRASEKOLAH. Jurnal Gizi Dan Pangan, 1(2), 8-16.
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