Use of an intravenous catheter to treat urinary distension in cases of feline lower urinary tract disease

  • Yoga Triyatjaya Veterinary Professional Education, Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University
  • Firda Aisyah Hermawan Veterinary Professional Education, Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University
  • Ratu Asyfa Program Studi Kedokteran Hewan, Fakultas Kedokteran, Universitas Padjadjaran, Jl. Raya Bandung Sumedang KM. 21, Hegarmanah, Kecamatan Jatinangor, Kabupaten Sumedang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
  • Tiara Ratnaningsih Veterinary Professional Education, Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University
  • Pranyata Tangguh Waskita Veterinary Professional Education, Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University
  • Ranny Indah Widianti Royal Purple Vet, Bojongsoang, Bandung
Keywords: oxalate calcium, male cat, urolithiasis, intravein catheter, emergency


Urolithiasis is a disease that commonly affects the urinary organs due to blockage of crystal stones in the urinary tract of male cats. A 3.5 year old male mixed breed domestic cat was examined at the Royal Purple Vet Clinic with complaints of a lack of appetite, fever, and vomiting. The results of the physical examination showed that the body temperature was 39.6°C, bladder distention occurred, and there was a pain response when palpated. Under emergency conditions, urinary distension was treated by insertion of an intravenous catheter (26G). Supporting examinations included urinalysis and microscopic examination of urine. Urinalysis results showed the presence of red blood cells, white blood cells, and protein in the urine. Meanwhile, the results of the microscopic examination showed that there were deposits of calcium oxalate crystal particles. The cat was diagnosed with urolithiasis with a Fausta prognosis. The treatment includes fluid therapy, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, supplements, and herbal medicine. The cat experienced changes after being treated for four days, characterized by normal urination and no blood found in the urine


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TriyatjayaY., HermawanF. A., Ratu Asyfa, RatnaningsihT., WaskitaP. T., & WidiantiR. I. (2023). Use of an intravenous catheter to treat urinary distension in cases of feline lower urinary tract disease. ARSHI Veterinary Letters, 7(3), 43-44.

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