• Didit Adytia School of Computing, Telkom University
  • Alifa Puspa Yuninda School of Computing, Telkom University
Keywords: boussinesq, finite volume, mangrove forest, regular wave


Mangrove forest is one type of coastal forest that forming an ecosystem, in which its root system can dissipate waves, especially for coastal protection. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of mangrove forest for dissipating wave is still unclear, especially for short wave such as regular wave. The purpose of this research is to analyze the effectiveness of mangrove forest in dissipating regular wave by using numerical simulation approach. To simulate short waves accurately, one should choose a dispersive wave model. In this research, we choose a Boussinesq type of model, i.e. the Variational Boussinesq (VB) model as the wave model. Here, the Finite Volume method is chosen as the numerical implementation of model, in a staggered grid scheme. The dissipation process by the mangrove forest is modelled as a bottom dissipation that equivalent with a Manning’s coefficient that is derived from physical experiment. The resulting numerical implementation is then validated with experimental data from hydrodynamic laboratory which gives relatively accurate results. To analyze the effectiveness of dissipation by mangrove forest, we perform various simulation scenarios with various length of mangrove forest. From the results, it is shown that to obtain a 67% wave height dissipation of regular wave, we require at a mangrove forest with length as least 2 times the length incoming regular wave.

Author Biographies

Didit Adytia, School of Computing, Telkom University

Didit Adytia, Ph.D is a lecturer and senior researcher in School of Computing, Telkom University in Bandung. He holds a doctor degree in Mathematics. His research topics focus on (but not limited to) Fluid dynamics, wave modelling, variational modelling and numerical implementation. Currently he is working on phase-resolving wave model as well as phase-averaged wave model in the aspect of wave modelling and numerical implementation. He is also actively working on meteorology & (physical) oceanography (MetOcean) work, especially related with desktop study of wave.

Alifa Puspa Yuninda, School of Computing, Telkom University

Alifa Puspa Yuninda is a student in Department of Informatics, Faculty of Informatics, School of Computing at Telkom University, Bandung, Indonesia. She performs research in the area of modelling and simulation for coastal engineering applications, especially modelling of Boussinesq type of Model.