Vol. 2 No. 2 (2011): Marine Fisheries: Jurnal Teknologi dan Manajemen Perikanan Laut

It is a great pleasure that the Journal of Marine Fisheries is back by publishing the volume 2, number 2 (May 2011). At this edition, Marine Fisheries Journal decided to publish ten peer-reviewed articles in term of marine fisheries technology and management. First of all, there are two studies on marine fishery technologies i.e. a study on optimum trap and feed forms to capture crabs and a research on stability of a trainer ship in Palabuhanratu district, West Java Province. In addition, there are six studies on marine fisheries management i.e. studies on the management of reef fisheries, shrimp fisheries, and lemuru fisheries, also a research on development of Nizam Zachman ocean fishing port in Jakarta and a study on bioeconomic resources of pelagic fisheries. In addition, there are two studies in term of policy which consist of a study on fisheries institution and a research on zoning efforts in utilization of fishery resources.

Published: 2013-01-23