Vol. 4 No. 1 (2013): Marine Fisheries: Jurnal Teknologi dan Manajemen Perikanan Laut

The Marine Fisheries Journal is back in Volume 4 Number 1 (May 2013). In this edition the Marine Fisheries presents ten peer-reviewed articles in marine technology and fisheries management. Marine fisheries technology studies include a study of polyurethane insulation density on traditional fishing vessels, a model for testing design and construction of danish seine, a study of utilization of stingray by-catch for gelatin and a study on determination of thermal front and upwelling as indicators for potential fishing ground using remote sensing technology. In addition, we also publish articles on marine fisheries management that include a study on small scale fisheries financing, grouper biology parameters, interconnections of minapolitan primary commodity markets, sustainable capture fisheries, a model of brown-marbled groupers sea-ranching, and functional and institutional approaches in fresh fish marketing analysis.

Published: 2013-10-19