Author Guideline

Journal of Agricultural Engineering (JTEP) is a publication media for original articles that have never been published in national or international scientific journals and are widely related to agricultural engineering in developing countries.

1. General Guidelines

Manuscripts are typed using Microsoft Word Palatino linotype 11 points, A4 paper size (21x29.5cm), 2.5cm upper and bottom margins, 1.8cm left and right margins, 1.15 spacing, maximum 9 pages including tables, pictures and attachments and given page numbers in the upper right corner. Submission of manuscripts is done online through the JTEP website by registering first. The website address is If you have difficulty uploading the manuscript online, you can contact the Editor of the Agricultural Engineering Journal via email:

Article's template could be downloaded here

2. Manuscript Processing Charges

Each manuscript that passes the review process and will be published to the Agricultural Engineering Journal will be subject to Article Processing Charges (APC) of Rp. 1.000.000,- (One Million Rupiah). This fee must be paid by the author so that the manuscript can be published in the Agricultural Engineering Journal. This APC is paid by transfer to BRI account No. 0595-01-003461-50-9 a/n Journal of Agricultural Engineering and proof of transfer emailed to The delay in payment of this APC will cause a delay in the loading of manuscripts in the Agricultural Engineering Journal in the next issue.