Hidrolisis Pati Garut Secara Enzimatis untuk Pembentukan Siklodekstrin

  • Erliza Noor


Modified starch has important role in chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Cyclodextrin was prepared based on garut starch using starch hidroying enzime namely 0-amylase, 0-amylase, pullulanase and glukoamylase. Cyclication to form cyclodextrin was obtained using CGTase. The highest concentration of cyclodextrin was obtained by glucoamylase and CGTase concentration of 150 unit/g substrate which was 81.11g.l-1  in 90 minutes.

Keywords: 0-amylase, 0-amylase, cyclodextrin, CGT-ase, gantt starch, glukoamylase, pullulanase



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