Rr. Niken Sitoresmi, Siti Amanah


Gender as a social construction and beliefs that thrive in the community produce gender inequalities experienced by women. This makes the weak position of women so prone to cases and acts of violence. Comprehensive facilitation for victims of violence are indispensable so that there should be an institution that takes care of this. Therefore, this study was done to find out, identify, describe and analyze the facilitation of women victims of violence by the integrated services centre empowerment of women and children (P2TP2A) DKI Jakarta. The research used survey using questionnaires, instruments was designed following concepts on gender ideology and the role of facilitation from P2TP2A DKI Jakarta. Quantitative and qualitative analysis were used to explain research results. Gender ideology attached to the respondents pointed out that the majority of the respondents have a positive gender ideology that leads to equity and equality of gender. The majority of respondents have knowledge about violence are high by agreeing to things that are associated with violence. There is no signification between the ideology gender of women victims with violence experienced. On the other hand, there is a signification between knowledge about violence of women victims with violence experienced. Respondents perceive that facilitation from P2TP2A DKI Jakarta is effective according to the needs of the victims. The activities conducted by P2TP2A help assisted process of recovery and motivate the women to have specific life skills, such as household economics.

Keywords: violence, recovery, empowerment, women victims, P2TP2A.

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