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“Crystal” guava (Psidium guajava L.) is a climacteric fruit that is generally harvested by farmers based on cultivation experience. In this study, portable 740-1070 nm of near-infrared spectrometer was employed to rapidly predict harvest indices of “crystal” guava, by means of non-contact and non-destructive approach. Samples of guava fruit were collected at days after anthesis (DAS) of 91, 94, 97, and 100. The total number of each sample were 30 fruits. The firmness, soluble solid content, acidity and sugar acid ration were evaluated as quality parameters. Partial least square (PLS) method was utilized for data processing. It was found that Standard Normal Variate (SNV) resulted the best pre-processing for all quality parameters. Performances of best models were demonstrated by coefficient of corraltion (R), standard error of calibration (SEC) and standard error of prediction (SEP), which were respectively 0.88, 6.21, 5.92 for firmness prediction, 0.74, 0.84, 0.79 for soluble solid content prediction, 0.59, 0.19, 0.26 for acidity prediction, and 0.71, 1.21, 1.58 for sugar acid ratio prediction model.


Jambu biji “Kristal”, indeks panen, partial least square (PLS), portable near-infared spectrometer

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Y. Aris Purwanto, Bogor Agricultural University

Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering