Influence of Culture Medium and Mahogany Seed Extract on The Growth of Botryodiplodia sp. Isolate Causing Dieback on Jabon Seedling PENGARUH MEDIA KULTUR DAN EKSTRAK BIJI MAHONI TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN ISOLAT Botryodiplodia sp. PENYEBAB MATI PUCUK

  • Aji Winara Balai Penelitian Teknologi Agroforestry, Badan Litbang Kehutanan Kementerian Kehutanan
  • Achmad . Institut Pertanian Bogor
  • Syamsul Falah Institut Pertanian Bogor


Dieback on jabon seedling caused by fungi Botryodiplodia sp. decreased seedlings’ quality and nurseries economic benefits. Less studies on the control of dieback pathogen on jabon seedling used biofungicide from plant extract have been reported nowadays. Mahogany is one of the promising medicinal plants in Indonesia and has potential as an biofungicide. This research aimed to estimate the growth of Botryodiplodia sp. isolate on some culture medium and inhibitation by mahogany seed extract. The poisoned food technique was used to test the efficacy of mahogany seed extract on the isolate growth. The result showed that potatoes sucrose and potatoes dextrose medium most suitable for mycelium growth of the Botryodiplodia sp. isolate. The mahogany seed hot water extract inhibited the growth of Botryodiplodia sp. isolate with the highest growth inhibition was 41.85-59.90% at 50% extract. Microscopical examinaton showed the inhibition of mycelium growth was caused by the changes on hyphae morphology and growth direction which were shrinking and curling due to the cell wall degradation.

Keywords : Botryodiplodia sp., inhibitation, mahogany seed extract, medium.


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Author Biographies

Achmad ., Institut Pertanian Bogor
Departemen Silvikultur, Fakultas Kehutanan IPB
Syamsul Falah, Institut Pertanian Bogor
Departemen Biokimia, Fakultas MIPA IPB