Jurnal Silvikultur Tropika 2022-02-23T08:45:31+07:00 Bambang Hero Saharjo Open Journal Systems <p><strong>JURNAL SILVIKULTUR TROPIKA</strong> (<strong>J-SILTROP</strong>) atau <em>Journal of Tropical Silviculture</em> adalah jurnal yang terbit tiga kali dalam setahun. <strong>J-SILTROP</strong> menerbitkan artikel tentang sains dan teknologi silvikultur yang berhubungan dengan hutan tropika seperti botani, fisiologi, ekologi, tanah, genetika, proteksi, patologi, entomologi, kebakaran, daerah aliran sungai, biodiversitas, bioteknologi, agroforestri, reklamasi dan restorasi. Tulisan-tulisan ilmiah diterbitkan dalam bentuk artikel hasil-hasil penelitian (<em>article</em>), ulas balik (<em>reviews</em>), catatan penelitian (<em>notes</em>), hipotesa (<em>hypothesis</em>), maupun komunikasi (<em>communication</em>) di bidang silvikultur hutan tropika.</p> Respon Pertumbuhan Bibit Ylang-Ylang (Cananga odorata forma genuine) terhadap Pemberian Pupuk Daun di Persemaian 2021-12-31T10:34:25+07:00 Irdika Mansur Rahma Sari <p><em>Ylang-ylang (Cananga odorata forma genuina) is a plant with high adaptability but the production of ylang-ylang seedlings is still limited and the seeds produced cannot be stored for long time. One of the fertilization techniques on a large scale to optimize plant growth is by using leaf fertilizer. This study aims to analyze the response of ylang-ylang seedlings to the use of two different types of leaf fertilizer at different doses and spraying times. This study used a factorial design with three factors in a completely randomized design. The results showed that the use of different types of leaf fertilizer at certain doses at two different times did not show significant growth. The treatment of 4 g/L water of commercial leaf fertilizer A and 6 g/L water of commercial leaf fertilizer B result to a better influence on the growth of ylang-ylang seedlings..</em></p> <p><em>Keywords: Cananga odorata, completely randomized design, fertilizing, leaf fertilizer, nursery</em></p> 2021-12-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Irdika Mansur, Rahma Sari Pertumbuhan Semai Mahoni (Swietenia macrophylla) pada Media Tailing dengan Penambahan Arang Tempurung Kelapa dan Pupuk Kompos 2022-02-23T08:45:31+07:00 Basuki Wasis Mumtazul Fikri <p><em>Mining activities can be causing negative effect to the environment if its waste (tailing) not well managed. An effort that can be applied to rehabilitate damaged land is post-mining land revegetation with fertilizer application. It can be performed with the addition of coconut shell charcoal and compost. The appropriate plant spesies in post-mining land is mahagony (Switenia macrophylla). This research aimed to determine the effect of coconut shell charcoal and compost addition on the growth of mahagony seedlings and determine the well dose of coconut shell charcoal and compost addition to the mahagony seedlings in the post-mining media (tailing). The experimental design used in this research was factorial Completely Randomized Design (CRD). It consists of two factors, first factor was coconut shell charcoal addition which consists of 4 levels and the second factor was compost addition which consists of 5 levels, each level consists of three replication. The research’s results showed that the addition of coconut shell charcoal and compost significantly affected to wet weight, dry weight and the ratio of mahagony seedlings root shoots parameters. The best dose combination to the mahagony seedlings in the tailing medium was the A2B4 treatment (1000 g tailing, 40 g coconut shell charcoal and 100 g compost).</em></p> <p><em>Keywords: coconut shell charcoal, compost, revegetation, </em><em>Swietenia macrophylla</em><em>, tailing</em></p> 2022-02-23T08:45:31+07:00 Copyright (c) Upaya Pengendalian Kebakaran Hutan di Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Guntur, Garut 2021-12-31T10:34:26+07:00 Lailan Syaufina Muhammad Hawari Azka <p><em>Forest fires are one of the forest disturbances that can damage ecosystems. Forest fires in Guntur Mountain Nature Tourism Park in the last five years have a high frequency, so that efforts to control forest fires are needed. The purpose of this reasearch to identify, describe, analyze control efforts and the role of the community in forest fires. The method used in this research is data triangulation and analyzed descriptively qualitatively. The selection of research subjects using method of snowball sampling technique. Forest fire control efforts are carried out by the government and community. The results of this research show that forest fire prevention efforts are carried out by installing warning boards, having partners with community associations and conducting socialization to communities around the forest. The number of community participation in the socialization was 53,33%. The number of community participation reporting of forest fires was 60%. The number of community participation in suppression is 63,33%.</em></p> <p><em>Keywords:</em> <em>Guntur Mountain, extinguishing, natural tourism, reporting, socialization</em></p> 2021-12-31T10:14:26+07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Lailan Syaufina, Muhammad Hawari Azka Pengaruh Media dan Intensitas Naungan terhadap Pertumbuhan Bibit Tancang (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza (L.) Lamk.) 2021-12-31T10:34:27+07:00 Cecep Kusmana Yolan Yussy Sukaesih <p><em>Bruguiera gymnorrhiza is a mangrove species that can be used to rehabilitate mangrove forest. The information about the response of mangrove seedlings to the factors that affect its growth is needed to ensure its survival rate. This study aimed to examine the response of Bruguiera gymnorrhiza seedlings to the factors that affect its growth such as media and shade level. This research used a Completely Randomized Factorial Design (CRFD) with the treatments of growing media (A) and shade level (N) of 3 levels on each factors, that are mud (A0); mud and compost (A1); and mud, compost, sand (A2); also 0% shade (N0); 50% shade (N1); and 70% shade (N2) on the 3 months old seedlings. The results showed that the treatment of shade level significantly affected the growth response of Bruguiera gymnorrhiza seedlings, while the treatment of growing media and interaction of both treatments did not show a significant response. The 0% shade level gave the best growth response of B. gymnorrhiza seedlings.</em></p> <p><em>Keywords: growth rate, light level, mangrove, rehabilitation, seedbed</em></p> 2021-12-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Cecep Kusmana, Yolan Yussy Sukaesih Hubungan Curah Hujan dan Titik Panas (Hotspot) Kebakaran di Hutan Lindung Gambut (HLG) Londerang, Provinsi Jambi 2021-12-31T16:54:13+07:00 Erianto Indra Putra Rahmadika Fairuz Husni <p><em>Jambi is one of the provinces that has high risk of forest fires in Indonesia.HLG Londerang is one of the protected peatland forests in Jambi that burned greatly in 2015. Precipitation become one of the climate factor that is affecting fires risk. This research is aimed to analyse the correlation between precipitation pattern peatland fires in HLG Londerang on 2013-2016. This research used hotspot data, precipitation, SPI (Standardized Precipitation Index), SOI (Southern Oscillation Index), and SSTA (Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies). Simple correlation test is used to acsess the relation between each parameters. This research showed that SPI-1 values could represent precipitation. In 2015, a great number of hotspot may relate to the El Nino event indicated by high positive value of SSTA and low SOI. There is a negative and weak correlation between precipitation and hotspot. Rainfall and SPI-1 has a positive and strong correlation. Combination of precipitation, SOI and SSTA is showing highest correlation with hotspot than other parameters.</em></p> <p><em>Keywords: </em><em>fire, hotspot, precipitation, SOI, SPI, SSTA</em></p> 2021-12-31T10:15:51+07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Erianto Indra Putra, Rahmadika Fairuz Husni Asosiasi Bakau (Rhizophora apiculata Blume.) dengan Jenis-Jenis Mangrove Lainnya di Pantai Bama Taman Nasional Baluran Jawa Timur 2021-12-31T16:42:57+07:00 Istomo Istomo Sandy Ghifary <p><em>Mangroves’s forest at Bama Beach has 95.8 ha. The purpose of this research is to studied the association of Rhizophora apiculata that lives dominant at Bama Beach Baluran National Park East Java. The methods used in data collection is an analytical method of vegetation with terraced path method. This method conducting five paths, each path consisted of 10 plots with 10 m x 100 m which divided into two sub-plots with 5 x 5 m and 10 x 10 m, with total 50 plot (0.5 ha). Data collection consist of diameter and height. The results show that </em><em>Rhizophora apiculata</em> <em>associated with Rhizophora stylosa at path 1 and 3, however the association type was negative and the association index number categorized as very low. On the other hand, there are some species that not associated with each other but they have a positive association, which founded at path 4 and 5. Path 4 consist of Rhizophora apiculata with Ceriops tagal and path 5 consist of Rhizophora stylosa, Bruguiera gymnorrhiza, and Syzygium polyanthum.</em></p> <p><em>Keyword: association, Baluran National Park, mangrove zonation, Rhizophoraceae, </em></p> 2021-12-31T10:16:33+07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Istomo Istomo, Sandy Ghifary Struktur Vegetasi, Komposisi, dan Serapan Karbon Pekarangan Di Desa Duyung, Kecamatan Trawas, Kabupaten Mojokerto 2021-12-31T16:42:39+07:00 Nurheni Wijayanto Agung Prasetyo <p><em>Pekarangan is one form of agroforestry that is commonly located in front, back, and/or side of the house. The tiered canopy stratification and varying root depths make agroforestry able to prevent global warming. The purpose of this research is to know the vegetation structure, composition, and carbon absorption of pekarangan in Duyung Village, Trawas Region, Mojokerto Regency. Collecting data using purposive sampling methodwhere the work area is divided into 3 zones, that is theclosest (zone A), the middle (zone B), and the farthest zone (zone C) based on distance from the mountain to the village with 3 samples of pekarangan per zone. The result showed that the highest INP value of stake level is coffee (Coffea sp.) at 45%, the pole level is banana (Musa sp.) at 95%, and the tree level is durian (D. zibethinus) at 55%. Diversity index (H’), wealth index (R), and evenness index (E) at stake level have the highest value. Canopy stratification in all pekarangan is strata C and D. The highest biomass value was found in zone A of 229,95 ton/ha or carbon stock of 105,78ton/ha.</em></p> <p><em>Keywords: </em><em>agroforestry, carbon absorption, species composition, vegetation structure</em></p> 2021-12-31T10:17:18+07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Nurheni Wijayanto, Agung Prasetyo Komposisi Jenis dan Adaptasi Vegetasi pada Areal Bekas Kebakaran pada Hutan Produksi Terbatas di Kota Kayuagung, Kabupaten Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI), Provinsi Sumatera Selatan 2021-12-31T16:42:20+07:00 Lailan Syaufina Aisyah Anggraini <p><em>The research aimed to identifi changes in species composition and vegetation adaptation in burned forest production areas in Kayuagung, Ogan Komering Ilir district, South Sumatra Province. Forest fire in this area affected on spesies composition, whics is indicated by growth of seedling consistof gelam (Melaleuca leucadendron), tembesu (Fragraea fragrans), and perepat (Combretocarpus rotundus). On the other forest growth level found in unburned area including seedling, sapling poles, and tree. The dominant spesies growth from seedling to stand is meranti (Shorea balangeran), while the tree growth was consist of was meranti (Shorea balangeran), perepat (Combretocarpus rotundatus), tembesu (Fragraea fragrans), and jelutung (Dyera lowii), and was dominated by jelutung (Dyera lowii).</em></p> <p><em>Keywords: </em><em>forest fire, forest production, Ogan Komering Ilir District, species composition, vegetation adaptation</em></p> 2021-12-31T10:18:11+07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Lailan Syaufina, Aisyah Anggraini Pengaruh Media Tanam dan Intensitas Naungan terhadap Pertumbuhan Bakau Minyak (Rhizophora apiculata) 2021-12-31T16:42:00+07:00 Cecep Kusmana Diah Ayu Puji Lestari <p><em>Damage to mangrove forests has reduced the size forest area and the diversity of mangrove species. Improvement of mangrove forests require seeds with good growth and resistant to pests and diseases. The shade levels and growing media is a factor that affects plant growth. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of growing media and shade level on the growth of bakau minyak (R. apiculata). The study was conducted for 12 weeks and used a complete randomized design to analyze the data. The first factor was the growing media (A) with 3 levels of treatment, namely mudsoil (A0), mud and compost (A1), and mud, sand and compost (A2). The second factor was the shade level (N) with 3 levels treatment, namely the shade intensity 0% (N0), 50% (N1), and 70% (N2). The result of this study indicate that the shade intensity has a significant effect on the growth of </em><em>Rhizophora apiculata</em><em>, and the growing medium does not significantly affect the growth of </em><em>Rhizophora apiculata</em><em>. The best shade intensity for growth of R. apiculata is 0% (N0).</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em><em>Keywords: growing media, mangrove forest, rehabilitation, Rhizophora apiculata, shade level</em></p> 2021-12-31T10:19:37+07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Cecep Kusmana, Diah Ayu Puji Lestari Faktor Penyebab dan Upaya Pengendalian Kebakaran Hutan di KPH Majalengka 2021-12-31T16:41:42+07:00 Lailan Syaufina Sofia Fitriana <p><em>KPH Majalengka is one of the State-Owned Enterprises engaged in forest management business. KPH Majalengka also experienced disruptions arising from forest fires. BKPH Cibenda is an area with the highest fire incidence in KPH Majalengka with an area of 762.93 ha of the total area of forest fires covering 865.48 ha over the last five years (2013-2017). The purpose of this study was to analyze and describe the common cause of forest fires and control efforts in KPH Majalengka. The common cause of forest fires that often occur in BKPH Cibenda according to community perceptions are land clearing, burning deliberately, and grazing. Forms of forest fire prevention activities that have been conducted is socialization, training of forest fire control, warning signs, and firebreaks. Extinguishing activity that have been caried out by community is direct extinguishing and indirect outage, however the facilities of fire extinguishing do not fullfill the minimum aspect. Post-fire handling is often done by collecting damage and loss data, fire reporting, measurement of fire area and location sketching, analysis of damage level and writing event report in Letter A (LA).</em></p> <p><em>Keywords: </em><em>BKPH Cibenda, forest fire, KPH Majalengka, land clearing, post fire</em></p> 2021-12-31T10:20:12+07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Lailan Syaufina, Sofia Fitriana Laju Dekomposisi Serasah Daun Shorea guiso di Hutan Penelitian Dramaga, Bogor, Jawa Barat 2021-12-31T16:41:23+07:00 Cecep Kusmana Retno Ayu Yentiana <p><em>Litter decomposition is a process of decomposing litter which is an important component of the nutrient cycle process because it can make a major contribution to soil fertility. The purpose of this study was to measure the decomposition rate of Shorea guiso leaf litter and soil organic matter content in the decomposition process of Shorea guiso leaf litter in the Dramaga Research Forest, Bogor, West Java. Decomposition of Shorea guiso leaf litter is carried out using a liiter bag measuring 30 cm x 40 cm. Each litter-bag contained 100 g of dry weight of Shorea guiso litter. The litterbag was then tied to a bamboo stake and placed under the Shorea guiso stand. The results of this study for 12 weeks showed that the average of leaf litter decomposition rate of Shorea guiso at the 1 week of observation was 0,003 and continued to increase until the 12 week of 0,2. The average weekly rate of decomposition of Shorea guiso leaf litter was 0,075 which grew on soils with moderate BOT content (3,87%).</em></p> <p><em>Keywords: Dramaga research forest, litter decomposition rate, Shorea guiso</em></p> 2021-12-31T10:20:40+07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Cecep Kusmana, Retno Ayu Yentiana Komposisi dan Struktur Vegetasi pada Proses Suksesi di Hutan Rawa Gambut Sedahan Taman Nasional Gunung Palung, Kalimantan Barat 2021-12-31T16:41:01+07:00 Istomo Istomo Ari Fardian <p><em>This study aims to analyze the species composition and vegetation structure in the succession process in the Sedahan Peat Swamp Forest, Gunung Palung National Park. Data collection using vegetation analysis on three forest types namely young secondary, old secondary, and climax forest. Research shows that the number of tree species found is decreasing in the forest the older ones, show the species that are able to survive the succession process. The highest important value index of the seedling level are ubah (Syzygium leptostemon) in the climax (87.1%), saplings are mahang (Macaranga pruinosa) in young secondary (84.9%), poles and trees are mahang in old secondary by also 135.5% and 137.1%. Community at pole growth rate in forest young secondary and young secondary have the largest significant Index of Similarity value have relatively the same conditions. Canopy stratification found in forests secondary forest is strata C and B while climax forest is C, B, and A.</em></p> <p><em>Keywords: peat swamp forest, species composition, succession process, vegetation structure</em></p> 2021-12-31T10:21:25+07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Istomo Istomo, Ari Fardian Keragaan Tegakan Merawan (Hopea mengarawan Miq.) dan Keruing Gunung (Dipterocarpus retusus Blume) di Hutan Penelitian Dramaga, Bogor 2021-12-31T16:40:43+07:00 Cecep Kusmana Arini Lathifah <p><em>Merawan (H. mengarawan) and Keruing Gunung (Dipterocarpus retusus) are species of the Dipterocarpaceae family that exist in Dramaga Research Forest, Bogor. Merawan and Keruing Gunung have many benefits. The IUCN categorized merawan as critically endangered species, while Keruing Gunung included into Endangered. Therefore, these tree species are need to be cultivated and preserved. The purpose of this study is to examine existence and distribution of merawan and Keruing Gunung in Dramaga Research Forest, Bogor. The research method used was a combination of transect and line plot. The data analysis used includes vegetation analysis, soil analysis, and abiotic factors. The results showed that the composition of plant species has various results, which merawan and Keruing Gunung are the dominating species in the area. The growth curve of merawan and Keruing Gunung forms an inverted “J”, indicating the good regeneration of the species. The distribution patterns of merawan and Keruing Gunung had a clump distribution pattern, with Morishita index of 3,511 for merawan and 3,076 for Keruing Gunung.</em></p> <p><em>Keywords : distribution pattern, Morishita index, vegetation analysis, regeneration pattern</em></p> 2021-12-31T10:21:46+07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Cecep Kusmana, Arini Lathifah Pertumbuhan Bibit Trembesi (Samanea saman Merr.) Pada Media Tailing Dengan Penambahan Arang Sekam Dan Pupuk Kompos 2021-12-31T16:40:23+07:00 Basuki Wasis Amriliadi Bintang Sopandi <p><em>Gold mining is a kind of open pit mines that produce waste in the form of toxic tailings. Before being returned to the environment, tailings should be through the treatment process to eliminate chemical properties that are harmful. After missing the toxicity of the tailings can be returned to the environment, but this type of land is not good for plant growth. Therefore require additional treatment so that plants can grow on media tailing. One way is by adding organic matter such as husk and compost. Besides the selection of plants also need to be considered, the type of plants that should be planted is the kind of fast growing species like trembesi (Samanea saman Merr). This study aims to examine the provision of husk and compost on the growth of trembesi seeds in the tailing media. The experimental design used in this study is completely randomized factorial design with two factors, namely husk and compost. The result showed that administration of husk and compost singly no real effect on all parameters observed. Interaction addition of these two factors was not significant on height and diameter parameters, but the real effect on the parameters of total wet weight and total dry weight.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em><em>Keywords: compost, husk,</em> <em>open pit mining, tailing, trembesi</em></p> 2021-12-31T10:22:12+07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Basuki Wasis, Amriliadi Bintang Sopandi