Uji Penghambatan Minyak Atsiri Kayu Putih dan Kunyit terhadap Patogen Penyebab Penyakit pada Tanaman Murbei Secara In Vitro

  • Muhammad Alam Firmansyah IPB university
  • Silvia Anggraeni Yuwono Department of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry and Environment - IPB University


Mulberry plants (Morus sp.) are one of the non-timber forest products that are used as feed
for silkworms, foodstuffs, or medicines. Plants that are attacked by disease can certainly harm
various aspects, one of which can reduce the quality and quantity of plants. Vegetable pesticides
can be a solution to prevent the spread of the disease. This study aims to determine the symptoms
of diseases that appear in mulberry plants and their spread in mahogany and find out the
inhibitory power and concentration of essential oils that work optimally. Observations were
made using eucalyptus essential oil, turmeric essential oil, and a combination of both with
concentrations of 1%, 3%, and 5% on PDA media and GDP media. Based on observations, the
type of fungus found is Rhizoctonia sp.. The results of the observations showed that the optimal
essential oil as an inhibitor of pathogenic growth is turmeric essential oil with a concentration of
3% and a combined essential oil concentration of 5%. The results of the inoculation showed that
there was fungal growth activity on mahogany seedlings so that the fungus could attack other
plants such as forestry plants.


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