The Quality of Dory Fillets based on Water Soluble Protein, Color, and Myoglobin Concentration

Nurfajrin Nisa, Mala Nurilmala, Tati Nurhayati, Nurlisa Butet


Fillet of dory is very easy to be find in Indonesian market with various brand and produsen.
Imported dory fillet is preferred by consumer so far because it has a white color compare than local
fillets. Color is the important parameter that used by consumers to determine the quality of filet. This
study was aimed to determine the quality of local and imported fillets, including protein profile using
SDS PAGE, color measurement, and myoglobin extractability. The results of water soluble protein profiles
showed dory fillet contained 13-15 bands. The redness value (a*) of local fillet (DN, DL, DM) was higher
compared others. However, imported fillet (DI) had the highest if redness index (a/b). Imported fillet (DI)
showed the lowest concentration of myoglobin compared other samples.


Nurfajrin Nisa (Primary Contact)
Mala Nurilmala
Tati Nurhayati
Nurlisa Butet
NisaN., NurilmalaM., NurhayatiT., & ButetN. (2016). The Quality of Dory Fillets based on Water Soluble Protein, Color, and Myoglobin Concentration. Jurnal Pengolahan Hasil Perikanan Indonesia, 19(1), 44-50.

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