Six reasons why choose Current Biomedicine for your manuscript


1. Fast first decision. The editorial team will provide a first decision within 2-5 working days. The decision is one of three: a) can proceed to the review process, b) revisions are required prior to the review process, or c) rejected. If rejected, this quick first decision is useful for the author when resubmitting the manuscript to another journal.
2. No journal format is required when first submission. Writing a manuscript according to journal format can be done after the first decision. The editorial team will only look at the completeness, novelty, quality, and originality of the manuscript to make a first decision.
3. Suggestions for improving the manuscript before review by the editor.
4. Reviewed by reviewers from the same scientific field.
5. Format and language check after the review process. The author has the opportunity to check the manuscript before publication through proofreading.
6. The editorial process is always carried out quickly, clearly, and transparently at every stage of publication.