Exploring Social Community Networks For The Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship

  • Benedicta Evienia Prabawanti
  • Rizal Syarief School Of Business IPB University
  • Meika Syahbana Rusli
  • Dwi Purnomo


Various social problems have motivated more and more people to find solutions to these social problems. The purpose of this research was to 1) identify social community movers; 2) they are identifying social business fields that develop in social communities; 3) identify the location of social community-based social entrepreneurship. The method used in this research is descriptive research; data collection in this study was carried out through observation, interviews, and distributing questionnaires. The sampling technique used snowball sampling, which involved identifying and taking samples from existing community members, then used to identify and recruit relevant new members. The results of the community mapping carried out in this study can be used to help the community to empower the community through social entrepreneurship. Community mapping allows social entrepreneurship actors to understand regional characteristics, determine work areas, and establish partnerships or collaborations with parties that support community empowerment programs.

Keywords: community mapping, social entrepreneurship, community empowerment, snowball sampling, community networks

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PrabawantiB. E., SyariefR., Rusli M. S., & PurnomoD. (2023). Exploring Social Community Networks For The Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship. Business Review and Case Studies, 4(2), 122. https://doi.org/10.17358/brcs.4.2.122