Tyrosinase Inhibitor and Antioxidant Activity of Seaweed Powder from Fresh and Dried Sargassum plagyophyllum

Ayun Erwina Arifianti, Effionora Anwar, Nurjanah Nurjanah


Sargassum plagyophyllum from Sargassaceae family contains various bioactive compounds, namely
phlorotannin which is reported as an antioxidant and tyrosinase inhibitor. Tyrosinase inhibitor and
antioxidant activity from seaweed powder that obtained from seaweed’s slurry have not been reported.
Thus, this study was aimed to obtain the best seaweed slurry and powder from Sargassum plagyophyllum
based on tyrosinase inhibitor and antioxidant activity, so it can be used as active substance in skin
lightening cosmetic formula. Sargassum plagyophyllum which prepared fresh and dried was processed
into seaweed slurry and lyophilization to form powder. Antioxidant activity which was determined by
2,2-Diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging method found the IC50 values of ascorbic acid
was 0.0035 mg/mL; fresh slurry 27.31 mg/mL; dried slurry 41.13 mg/mL; fresh powder 2.21 mg/mL; and
dried powder 13.18 mg/mL. Moreover, the tyrosinase inhibitory activity which was measured by enzimatic
reaction with L-tyrosine as substrate found IC50 values kojic acid 0.0076 mg/mL; fresh powder 4.97 mg/mL;and dried powder 11.35 mg/mL. Seaweed powder obtained from fresh ingredient is the most optimal result
based on its tyrosinase inhibitor and antioxidant activity, thus potential to be developed further as active
substance for lightening cosmetic formula.


Sargassum plagyophyllum, seaweed slurry, seaweed powder, antioxidant, tyrosinase inhibitor

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