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Research on genetic polymorphism was conducted by using an clectrophoresis technique. Material used for this experiment consisted of 14 adult Javan deers (Cervus timorensis de Blainville, 1882), 8 babirusa (babyrousa babyrussa) and 5 adult pig (Sus scrofa, Linn) Electrophoretic result showed polymorphisms in plasm and red blood protein in these three kinds of animals. The highest average heterozygosity was 0.3555 <> 0.1187 obtained in Babirusa, whereas pig and deer were 0.3033 <> 0.0968 and 0.3176 <> 0.1049 respectively. Genetic similarity between pairs of pig and babirusa was 0.73 and those of pig and deer was 1.83.

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SuzannaE. 1. Genetic Characteristic of Javan Deer (Cervus timorensis de Blainville 1882), Babirusa (Babyrousa babyrussa) and Pig (Sus scrofa Linn). Media Konservasi. 6, 1 (1). DOI: