The Analysis of Ecotourism Laws and Policies in Indonesia

R. Hendrik Nasution, Ricky Avenzora, Tutut Sunarminto


This study aimed to analyze the chain posture, substantial content and time span of ecotourism laws and policies in Indonesia. The instrument
used in this research was closed ended questionare, which was then analyzed using One Score One Criteria System. In various criteria, the subtantial
content of all ecotourism laws and policies in Indonesia showed a score of 5 or a rather good meaning. This non-optimal value can be said to have no
clarity of comprehensive and structured objectives so that the dynamics of the substantial content in the law is still partial. Above that, it must be
understood that ecotourism should not be interpreted as a journey to the natural in remote area only, but it must be enforced in every space of
tourism destinations. Based on the research results on the legislation documents including (Laws, Government Regulations, Presidential Regulations,
Presidential Decrees, Ministerial Regulations) it was found that between mandatory rules and implementing regulations were not set within a period
of about 2 years accordingly. Therefore, it is necessary for the integration of stakeholders to revise the various ecotourism laws and policies in
Indonesia comprehensively, systematically and objectively so that in the dynamics of its implementation can optimize the seven pillars of ecotourism

Keywords: analysis, criteria, law and policy



R. Hendrik Nasution (Primary Contact)
Ricky Avenzora
Tutut Sunarminto
NasutionR.H., AvenzoraR. and SunarmintoT. 2018. The Analysis of Ecotourism Laws and Policies in Indonesia. Media Konservasi. 23, 1 (Jul. 2018), 9-17. DOI:

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