Peran Komunikasi dalam Modernisasi Pertanian Berbasis Koperasi

  • P. A. Rangkuti
Keywords: Agricultural development communication, sustainable modern agriculture, agricultural cooperatives, acompetitiveness of agricultural cooperatives, agribusiness and agro-industry system.


Modern agricultural development is largely determined by the acceleration of productivity improvement, quality andvalue-added production to agribusiness and agro-industry approach. Since the development of the green revolution,agricultural technology and agricultural business management in the country has developed rapidly, especially inincreasing the production of various food commodities through the development program planned by the government.To encourage increased capacity of farmers towards the realization of a more modern agriculture the government toprovide top down approach guidance through the extension program and the spread of agricultural extension fieldworkers (PPL). The process of technological innovation and adoption of agricultural business management hasoccurred through the Village Unit Cooperatives (KUD), but it has an impact on the dependence of farmers to thegovernment and adoption of technological innovation has decreased (stagnant). Independence and competitiveness offarmers through KUD has decreased, consequently increasing agricultural productivity also hampered and economicconditions of farmers highly dependent on government aid with very weak competitiveness. Entering the era ofglobalization with a very dynamic communication technologies development require a sustainable modernagriculture development model with agribusiness and agro-industry approach to farmer competitiveness based onstrengthening farmer agricultural cooperative. Performance and capacity of agricultural cooperatives will beenhanced if there is a KUD arrangement and able to take advantage of the available information optimally. To buildan independent and competitive agricultural cooperative, need to develop a specific leading commodity programs inits working areas as agribusiness development area (KPA) as the concept of OTOP (One Tambon One Product)which has been implemented in Thailand and Japan. The role of cooperative organizations communications withtwo-way communication model (convergence) can support the synergy of cooperation with other economic actorstowards the realization of a more modern agriculture.


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P. A. Rangkuti
Staf Pengajar Institut Pertanian Bogor
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