The Media Ecology of Public Television based on Local Information Programs in South Kalimantan

Keywords: local content, local mass media, media ecology, public television


Televisi Republik Indonesia Kalimantan Selatan (TVRI Kalsel) is a local public television station in South Kalimantan which expected to have sufficient supporting resources so that it can meet the information needs of local people. This study analyzes media ecology on TVRI Kalsel, specifically in local content-based programs. The objective of this research is to determine the category of  TVRI Kalsel's niche breadth based on local content programs. Quantitative approach is used, where the data is analyzed using Niche Theory. Data was collected through interviews and program observation. The data is then analyzed using instrument sheet containing the program’s title and categories of information. The results showed that TVRI Kalsel as the only Public Broadcasting Institution in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, was included in the generalist category with 3.56 score. The score showed that TVRI Kalsel had quite a lot of supporting resources from information broadcast programs with local content. There were eight programs broadcasting information with local content. Those eight programs broadcast information were in form of straight news, features, features documentaries, and talk shows.


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