Editorial policies

Publication and Peer-Review Process

All articles in Jurnal Komunikasi Pembangunan will be processed directly. All articles will be selected in advance by the Editorial Board which determines whether the article meets the scientific and editorial standards and in accordance with the aims and scope of the journal. In addition, each article will be checked using Turnitin, a plagiarism checker Articles that have plagiarism percentage above 25% will be rejected.

Articles that pass the Editorial Board assessment will be sent to the reviewers. The reviewer's evaluation of the article will assist the Editor in determining the acceptance/rejection of the article. All articles go through double-blind peer review, a review process that hides the names of the authors and reviewers and is reviewed by a reviewer. Peer reviewers are not allowed to disclose the contents of the text to anyone without the editor's approval.

The time required for the review process to reach a decision on a manuscript varies depending on the time it takes for reviewers to submit their reviews, authors in submitting their revisions, and the editors' decision. However, in general, the author may get an acceptance letter in 3-4 months after the article is submitted. Editors can make the decision at any time and will inform authors whether the manuscripts are required to make some revisions, accepted, or rejected.

Jurnal Komunikasi Pembangunan cannot provide any guarantee to publish certain manuscripts on a particular month and/or speed up the review process. The journal cannot provide any information about whether the manuscript will be published on a particular month before going through the initial screening and the double-blind review process.