Published: Jan 18, 2011

Simulation Study on Freeze-drying Characteristics of Mashed Beef

Armansyah H. Tambunan, M. Solahudin, Estri Rahajeng
Read Statistic: 186

Study on the Soil Strength and Density Relationships of Latosol and Red Yellow Podzolic Soils

Asep Sapei, E. Namaken Sembiring, Gatot Pramuhadi
Read Statistic: 315

The Influence of Position of Durian in Determination of Ripeness of Durian Non-Destrucyively by Ultrasonic Wave

Bambang Haryanto, I Wayan Budiastra, Amoranto Trisnobudi
Read Statistic: 260

Study on the Storage Characteristics of Minimally Processed of Oranges (Citrus grandis L.) Under Modified Packaging

. Saputera, . Sutrisno, Slamet Susanto, I Wayan Budiastra
Read Statistic: 185

Studyon Characteristics and Shelf Life Prediction of Cashew Appels Using Modified Atmosphere Packaging System

La Rianda, . Sutrisno, Rizal Syarief, I Wayan Budiastra
Read Statistic: 250