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The obstacle  that often occur on soybean cultivation activity is a weed problem that could potentially reduce productivity. It’s need an expert system that can represent knowledge regarding the identification of weed species, therefore farmers can decide appropriate controls. This study aims create offline android based expert system is to identify the type of weeds in soybean cultivation based morphological information and determine appropriate advice weed control. Forward chaining used as an inference engine development methods to achieve the conclusion of expert systems. Expert systems of weed species identification contain information of the weeds type and grouping, herbicides information, herbicide dose, and weed control galleries. Application size 6.97 Megabytes (Mb) and run without internet connection. Testing applications can run properly, with accuration of weed species identification reaches 87.5%


expert system weed soybean android forward chaining

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Giska Priaji, Student under graduate program Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering