Determining whether or not the manuscript to be published is appropriate is determined by the PB PKBT Expert Editorial Board.
The manuscripts reviewed are manuscripts that meet the PB PKBT writing rules.
The author is obliged to improve the manuscript according to the reviewers' suggestions.
The copyright of the published manuscript belongs to PB PKBT.

The manuscript review process from submission to publication of the manuscript is as follows:
Manuscripts submitted to the Agriculture, Maritime and Tropical Biosciences Policy Brief will go through a screening stage by the editor, if the results of the screening exceed the provisions set by PB PKBT then the manuscript will be rejected and returned to the author.
If the screening results are less than the provisions set by PB PKBT, the manuscript will go to the next stage, namely the review stage by reviewers.
At this stage the reviewer will review manuscripts that pass the screening stage, the results of the review will be sent by the reviewer to the editor to convey to the author that the manuscript requires revision.
The editor will send the manuscript that has been reviewed by the reviewer to be revised according to the results of the review to the author.
Authors who have revised their manuscript send the revised results to the editor for re-screening.
The results of the revisions that have been re-screened by the editor are returned to the reviewer to see whether the revision results from the author are correct and in accordance with the results of the previous review.
At this stage the reviewer has the right to decide whether the manuscript is suitable for publication or still requires revision. The author's revised manuscript based on the results of the reviewer's review will be examined by expert editors of the Journal of Economics and Development Policy based on their respective competencies. Publishing approval is carried out based on the reviewer's considerations and the quality of the author's improvements according to the reviewer's suggestions:
If the reviewer decides that the manuscript still needs revision, the manuscript will be returned by the reviewer to the editor, who will then be returned by the editor to the author for further revisions.
If the reviewer decides that the manuscript is suitable for publication, the manuscript will be continued to the next stage by the editor.
This stage is the final stage, after the reviewer and chief editor decide that the manuscript is worthy of testing