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Author Guidelines

Manuscript Publishing Process (PDF)


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TITLE (Capital Letters, Times New Roman, 14 pt, Bold, Centered)
(Single, 14 pt after)
Title in Bahasa (Times New Roman, 12 pt, Bold, Italic, Centered)
(Single, 12 pt after)
First Author *), Second Author, and Third Author (Times New Roman, 11 pt, Centered)
(Single, 10 pt after)
Department, Faculty, University (Times New Roman, 9 pt, Centered)
 (Single, 9 pt after)
*) E-mail: (Times New Roman, 9 pt, Centered, Italic)
(Single, 9 pt after)
Received Date / AcceptedDate (Times New Roman, 10 pt, Centered, Italic)
(Single, 9 pt after)

ABSTRACT (Times New Roman, 9 pt, Capital, Bold)

(Single, 6 pt after)

Abstract should be written in English. Abstract is written in 9 pt Times New Roman and single-spaced. Abstracts should be able to summarize the contents of text including the objective(s) of research, methods, results, and conclusion. Abstract should not exceed 200 words.

(Single, 6 pt after)

Keywords: maximum 5 words in English (Times New Roman font 9, italic)

(Single, 12 pt after)

ABSTRAK (Times New Roman, 9 pt, Capital, Bold, Italic)

(Single, 6 pt after)

Abstrak should be written in Bahasa. Abstrak is written in9 pt Times New Roman and single-spaced. Abstrak should be able to summarize the contents of text including the objective(s) of research, methods, results, and conclusion. Abstrak should not exceed 200 words.

(Single, 6 pt after)

Key words: maximum 5 words in Bahasa (Times New Roman font 9, Italic)

(Double, 12 pt after)

1.  Instructions of main text writing

The manuscript is written in the format of 2 columns, 9 pt Times New Roman and A4 paper size, single-spaced, justified alignment, margin of 2 cm (left and right), 3.5 cm (top), 2.5 cm (bottom). The distance between paragraphs is 6 pt after. Manuscripts including graphs and tables should not exceed nine pages. Title of the article should be brief and informative and should not exceed 20 words. The first letter of the Title and Subtitle of the chapter is written with capital letter and is not numbered, the distance between title or subtitle is 6 pt after.

The manuscript of the journal should include Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion, and References (Bibliography).

Abbreviation / Term / Symbol. The use of abbreviations is allowed, however such abbreviations should be fully given on first mention. Foreign term should be written in italics. Symbols are also stated clearly and distinguishable.

2.  Insctruction of Tablewriting

Table title is written above the table in the format of 8 pt Times New Roman and single-spaced between lines. The text in the table is written with the size of text / font 9 as an example below.

Table 1. Total Population by Gender

3.  Instructions of graph writing

Graph is placed symmetrically, between graphics and single-spaced paragraphs, 6 pt after. Graphic title is written below the graphic with 8 pt size.

4.  Instructions of citation writing

Quotations allowed are direct quote.

5.  Instructions of references writing

References are written according to the format used by ASA (American Sociological Association), for example:

Baumann, P. 1998. The Panchayati Raj and Watershed Management in India: Constraints and Opportunities. Overseas Development Institute. London.

Dharmawan, A. H. et al. 2004. Desentralisasi Pengelolaandan Sistem Tata-Pemerintahan Sumberdaya Alam (Decentralized Natural Resources Management and Governance System) Daerah Aliran Sungai Citanduy. Project Working Paper Series No.1. PSP-IPB and patnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia-UNDP.

Hardin. G. 1968. The Tragedy of The Commons. Science, Vol. 162. pp. 1243-1248. [Internet]. [Date of access].Downloaded from:

UNDP. 1999.UNDP Guide Book on Participation. . [Iinternet]. [Date of access]. Downloaded from:

Weiss, T. G. 2000. Governance, Good Governance, and Global Governance: Conceptual and Actual Challenges. Third World Quarterly, Vol. 21/5, pp. 795-814.

6.  Appendix

Appendix is used if necessary to complete the manuscript, such as questionnaires, the rule of law, the results of data analysis, maps, etc. Appendix is listed after References. The format of writing is 10 pt Times New Roman and single-spaced

7.   References

References used should be:

a).  Up to 75% of primary reference sources (journals or books),

b).  Up to date (more than 50% of the journal articlesare publishedwithin the last 10 years),

c).  Cite at least one article of Sodality journals.



Articles have been passed from the initial review by the administrator of the journal will be sent to the editorial board and will be considered to decide whether will be published or not.

Author of article that passed the review process and was selected for publication will receive a receipt of journal (Form Approved submission). The author of article that did not pass the review process will receive a notification letter.


Editorial Board will only accept and consider the manuscript that is not being taken into consideration of other journals. The manuscript is sent through the online submission to the website:



Publication charge of article for authors is

IDR 1,500,000.

Author of article that passed the review process and was selected for publication will be contacted by the managing editor of the Sodality Journal to make the payment process.

Sodality Journal provides printed editions through the reservation to the email address:

Price per copy is IDR 150.000.

The printing process is maximum of 3 days.



  1. Abstract
  2. Please use ENGLISH according to the standard English grammar.
  3. Each submitted manuscript, should clearly state what the GRAND THEORY of sociology is used as the basis for analysis within the manuscript. Theoretical epistemological position is very important to be stated expressly to help the readers more clearly assess the author's perspective. It would be better, if, in addition to the grand sociological theory, the authors also declare middle range theory of sociology they choose to use in helping to build the analysis.
  4. From review on the references, it was found that your manuscript is still lacking in citing the latest publications. Editorial board asks the authors to add at least25-50 TITLES of the international journal articles published between 2010-2016 to keep the publications issued by the Sodality Journalare constantly updated or the State of the Art is well-maintained. Best international journal of social science can be accessed through http://www.sciencedirect.comor can be through the base of the journal athttp://www.proquest.comby entering keywords corresponding to topic of your manuscript.
  5. Your manuscript needs to be explained in more detail about what the research paradigm adopted, what methodological approach in the collection of data, tools of analysis, research instruments, how the sampling framework of the survey (for those who use the paradigm of positivistic) etc. Clarity of methodology will help the perfection of your manuscript.
  6. In the Conclusion section on your manuscript, it is still felt that the manuscriptconcludes something yet not contains NOVELTY. We asked what novelt your manuscript contributes to rural sociology. The novelty is expected never been submitted by another author in any journal.

Please pay attention to the five points above for each author that will submit the manuscript to Sodality Journal.


Copyright Notice

Author(s) who published in this journal agree to following terms:

  • Author(s) must understand and agree that the copyright script in published owned by the Sodality:Jurnal Sosiologi Pedesaan. The copyright includes reproducing and selling the manuscript to all parties.
  • Everyone can cite every manuscript published in Sodality:Jurnal Sosiologi Pedesaan for educational purposes, with the author's name and the Sodality:Jurnal Sosiologi Pedesaan Journal on reference.


Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.