Vol 37, No 2 (2014)

Media Peternakan

Table of Contents


Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in Exon 6 of Lecithin Cholesterol Acyltransferase (LCAT) Gene in Indonesian Local Sheep PDF
. Hidayati, Cece Sumantri, RR Noor, R Priyanto 71
Bile Salt and Acid Tolerant of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Proventriculus of Broiler Chicken PDF
E Damayanti, H Julendra, A Sofyan, SN Hayati 80
Analysis of Air Temperature Distribution in a Closed House for Broiler in Wet Tropical Climate PDF
A Yani, H Suhardiyanto, Erizal Erizal, BP Purwanto 87
The Quality of Spermatozoa of Gembrong Goats during Cryopreservation Process PDF
F Pamungkas, A Batubara, Sutoro Sutoro 95
In Vitro Testing to Aflatoxin Binding by Glucomannan Yeast Product and Glucomannan Extract from Amorphophallus oncophyllus PDF
A Susanto, EB Laconi, DA Astuti, S Bahri 101
Body Resistance and Productive Performances of Crossbred Local Chicken Fed Inulin of Dahlia Tubers PDF
N Fajrih, N Suthama, V D Yunianto 108
Fermentation Quality and in Vitro Nutrient Digestibility of Fresh Rice Straw-Based Silage Treated with Lactic Acid Bacteria PDF
B Santoso, B Tj Hariadi, V Sabariah, T Sraun 115
Methane Mitigation and Microbial Diversity of Silage Diets Containing Calliandra calothyrsus in a Rumen in Vitro Fermentation System PDF
R Ridwan, I Rusmana, Y Widyastuti, K G Wiryawan, B Prasetya, M Sakamoto, M Ohkuma 121
In Vitro Rumen Fermentation of Ration Supplemented with Protected Vegetable Oils PDF
N Hidayah, K G Wiryawan, S Suharti 129
Technical Efficiency of Beef Cattle Breeding Business in East Java Province PDF
L S Kalangi, Y Syaukat, S U Kuntjoro, A Priyanti 136

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