Visualisasi Keterhubungan Antar Istilah Subjek pada Metadata Tesis IPB Menggunakan Peluang Bersyarat

Reza Risky, Firman Ardiansyah


Bogor Agricultural University library has metadata for its collection. The metadata is used for searching and
browsing. The activity of searching and browsing can be based on metadata fields, such as title, author, subject, etc.
Searching on the subject or topic is an effective way if someone want to search document that fulfill his/her topic.
When someone search on a subject, the result is only documents that has the subject. So, someone needs to pick an
appropriate query to find the desirable result. The decision for picking a query is based on how good the knowledge of
someone about the collection. It will be hard if someone does not know about the collection. In that case, we need an
application that shows the relationship between the subject, so the related terms can be used as query suggestion for
someone to decide his/her query. In order to make the view of relationship more interesting, understandable, and
interactive, the relationship is visualized. The result of this research is an implementation of a Java desktop
application that searches document based on subject and visualize subject terms relationship. The documents are from
IPB thesis metadata. From 7445 documents, 7416 documents has subject field. Obtained 4496 unique terms from
the 7416 document. From test result, the process to show document result and visualization is fast enough. The
average time to show document result and visualization is one second.

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