PENENTUAN NILAI PEMBOBOTAN DAN PENDUGA RAGAM UNTUK PENARIKAN CONTOH BERTAHAP (Studi Kasus : Survei Pra Pemilihan Gubernur dan Wakil Gubenur Jawa Barat di Daerah Pemilihan Kota Bogor)

  • Indah Herlawati
  • Anang Kurnia
  • Farit Mohamad Afendi


Sampling can be performed by using one or
more stages. These stages are useful in order to obtain
representative samples. It is often observed that parameters
are estimated by assuming the samples are taken using simple
random sampling (one stage) although they are taken using
multistages which lead to invalid results. This study focus on
estimation of parameters considering the stage in multistage
sampling. As an illustration, we use pre-election survey of
Governor and Vice Governor of West Java in Bogor City which
involving three stages of selection, namely : (1) village within
district, (2) neighborhood within village and (3) household
within neighborhood. These stages are taken into account
during estimation of number of voters in form of weights which
are obtained by considering the selection process. It is obtained
that the estimation using the weights are closer to the true
number of voters released by KPU Bogor compared to the one
not using the weights.
Keywords-: Multistage Sampling, Estimation of Proportion,
Weights and Variance of Estimators.


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