• Farly Shabahul Khairi
  • _ Erfiani
  • Hari Wijayanto


Department of Statistics, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) many top producing graduates that are spread throughout the field work. One indicator of success is the contribution of graduates of higher education in society and the development and engagement of alumni in the dynamics of the workplace. Alumni tracking studies can provide information about the profile of graduates of the Department of Statistics 36-45 IPB particular class (year in 1999-2008). Alumni are expected to provide information on the relevance of knowledge and skills (relationship between competencies acquired during the lectures with field work), the relationship between grade point average (GPA) of the waiting time work, field work of alumni present, the extent to which the use/ knowledge of statistics to the field of work. Adequacy analysis, interests, and purposes related to competencies Department of Statistics. Respondents who responded to this study of 204 respondents (40.8%) of the total population of 500 respondents. Area of origin of respondents were mostly from the Greater Jakarta area by 43.1%, driveways Admission Exam IPB (USMI) as much as 76%, as many as 20.1% of respondents have a High GPA (GPA > 3.51), cum laude by 5%. The average wait for a job for 2 months with an average salary of first job after being transformed to the present value of Rp 3,370,000.00. There is a tendency of working first salary differences between respondents who have a High GPA with a low GPA. Respondents gender pay gap also has a tendency of work the first time, respondents have a tendency of female sex work first salary higher than the respondents’ gender male. Predicate graduation also has the distinction of first salary job, graduation cum laude predicate has a higher salary than the predicate is very satisfying and fulfilling graduation. Field work consisted of alumi academia, finance, administration, research, and advertising. As many as 40% of alumni working in the field of research. Alumni statistics also been doing moving work, 63.3% among respondents had changed jobs done. Statistics have a role in the world of work, amounting to 38.6% pretty much using statistical science in the workplace. Adequacy analysis, interests, and purposes related to competencies Department of Statistics. Competency skills survey design, experimental design, data management is widely used in the field of research work.

Keywords-Department of Statistics Bogor Agricultural University; tracking studies; Adequacy analysis; interests; and purposes;


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