Ahmad Nur Rohman, _ Erfiani, Muhammad Nur Aidi


Technological developments in Indonesia growth rapidly. Almost all systems used in daily life have been using the technology. One of its technology is communication technology. It because communication technology is a important tool for send information. All was done in order to communicate easier and faster. It is therefore important to research the condition of the existing communication technology in Indonesia. Communications technology also one of the focus of the government in national development. But not easy to know the state of communication technology in Indonesia because Indonesia has a large region and different geographically. The purpose of this research was to determine the grouping of provinces in Indonesia to increase the communication sector in order to support national development. The method used in this research is cluster hierarchical analysis method and criterion of determining the best method and many cluster optimal use Cubic Clustering Criterion (CCC). The data used is secondary data from the Statisctics Indonesia (BPS) and the Ministry of Communication and Information. The results showed that the number of cluster based on related communication technology variables are 3 cluster which 1st cluster members consist of 21 provinces, 2nd cluster members consist of 7 provinces and 3rd cluster members consist of 3 provinces.
Key words : Communications Technology, Cluster Analysis, Hierarchical Method, Cubic Clustering Criterion (CCC)

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