Febriyani Eka Supriatin, Budi Susetyo, Kusman Sadik


Since decentralisation was implemented in Indonesia, more detailed information about the condition of an area becomes very necessary to know as an evaluation of development that the government has done. the success development of a region can be seen through the Human Development Index (HDI). HDI consists of three basic dimensions, knowledge as one of that three basic measured by the index of education. This index is measured by the Adult Literacy Rate and Mean Years of Schooling. Education is one of the important factors in improving human development. The enhancement of education index results in increasing the HDI of an area. Purwakarta has a vision that is made as a district that excels in education in West Java, but until now Purwakarta’s education index is still below the West Java province. One step that can be done is to seek information on the education index each district in Purwakarta, with the aim to provide the right policy in each region. Direct estimation of the components forming the HDI for districts is not feasible because these estimates will generate a great value of variance, This is due to the size of the sample used is too small. This study proposes a statistical method by performing the estimation using small area estimation. These estimates using information from surrounding areas that can improve the effectiveness of the sample size and the lower the standard error. Some surveys are conducted regularly every year, in conducting indirect estimation in the survey such as this, efficiency of estimating education index for district level can be improved by including the random effect of the area as well as the random effect of time (Sadik and Notodipuro, 2006). So in this study will be used Empirical Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (EBLUP) by combining the time series and cross-section data for estimating the education index at the level of districts in Purwakarta. The direct estimation of education index produce a larger variance than our methode, it shown by comparing mean square error (MSE) of direct method and indirect method, direct method have the largest MSE.
Key words : Indirect Estimation, Small Area Estimator, EBLUP, Time Series and Cross-Section, HDI, Education Index.

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