PEMODELAN DATA PANEL SPASIAL DENGAN DIMENSI RUANG DAN WAKTU (Spatial Panel Data Modeling with Space and Time Dimensions)

  • Tendi Ferdian Diputra
  • Kusman Sadik
  • Yenni Angraini


The modeling of spatial panel data is a method of analysis that include the dimension of space and time. In this analysis, the set of data that is required is a combination of cross sections and time series data, that is, either the data observed in each observation location periodically from time to time. On modeling of panel data, there are three approaches, namely pooled least square model, fixed and random effects model. While on modeling of spatial panel data there are several approaches which is a combination of these three approaches in modeling panel data with spatial autoregression model (SAR) and spatial error model (SEM). This research aims to apply a spatial panel data model analysis to include the dimension of space and time in a model. The data that used in this research is GDP, local revenues, a total population and total regional expenditures of ten districts in Jambi province during the years 2000-2008. The results from spatial panel data analysis obtained that model regression of spatial panel data corresponding to the data is panel data models with fixed effect model and spatial error model. From the results of such analysis can also be seen an increase in R2 compared with panel data analysis.

Keywords : the modeling of panel data, the modeling of spatial panel data, SAR, SEM