DETEKSI DINI RISIKO KREDIT MELALUI RATING TRANSITION STOCHASTIC MATRIX DAN VALUE AT RISK (Early Detection of Credit Risk Through Rating Transition Stochastic Matrix and Value at Risk)

  • _ Haryono
  • Sri Pingit Wulandari
  • Sri Mumpuni Retnaningsih


Credit risk is the risk occurs when the debtors fail to meet their obligation in accordance with agreed term to the bank. This research is made to analyze the credit risk for industrial and trade sector in Bank X, both sectors contribute about 80% loan credit. The calculation of the VaR 95% used Markov Chain regular and ergodic and adjusted by macro economic variable which significance influence the movement of those quality rating. The result of Markov chain for industrial sector show that the ability debtor increase for repay the loan in the long run but for trade sector became worst. The VaR 95% results for industrial sector is Rp 2,17 billion or about 3,27% and for trade sector is Rp 4,46 billion or about 2,03% from outstanding credit those sectors. This results is not appropriate with the New Basel Capital Accord which recomennded to allocate capital 8% from outstanding credit to cover credit risk. The calculation of the TVaR 95% for industrial sector is Rp 4,89 billion or about 7,38% and for trade sector is Rp 16,60 billion or about 7,55% from outstanding credit both sectors. For the TVaR 95% portofolio give the results is Rp 18,99 billion or about 6,5% from outstanding credit.
Keywords : Credit Risk, Markov chain, Regression, Macroeconomics, VaR, TVaR, Portofolio Risk.