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A study was conducted in order to know the difference oyster mushroom yields given burlap and cooling  treatment  and  with  the  one  not  given  treatment.  In  this  study  using  burlap  as  a  coolant. Installation of pipe used to drain burlap sacks that are stored on the sidelines of the shelves, watering is done automatically using a timer every 15 minutes. After some time using treated burlap visible difference in temperature between the cooling rack using a burlap sack with a none. But the relative humidity is not too much different. Yields of both condition oyster mushroom with total 75 baglogs, the obtained total yield 23.5 kg treatment, while the total yield 16.7kg without treatment.[A1]

Keywords: gunny sacks[A2] , temperature, yields, oyster mushroom

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