Mapping the Potential Development of Soybenas Crops Based on Growing Degree Days

Delvi Yanti, Omil Charmyn Chatib, Imelda Safitri, Nadya Nur Hasanah


The main factors affecting plant growth and yield are soil, climate, and plants. The influence of clime is more than soil on plant growth under certain conditions. The evidence is that some cover vegetation growth conditions are much different even though they grow on the same land. In each distinct place, the harvest time of one type of plant is not the same. One crucial factor that affects this is the daily growth rate or the degree of Growing Degree Days (GDD). Know parameters such as soil type, slope, land use, rainfall, and GDD temperature by using geographic information systems in determining the suitability of agricultural commodity development areas. The study aims to determine the suitability of soybean cropland in West Sumatra based on GDD value. Conducting land suitability analysis using the GDD method through several stages, namely, the classification of soybean land suitability parameters, making a map of soybean plant land suitability in physical characteristics, classifying the GDD value of soybean plants for the West Sumatra region, and making a soybean cropland suitability map based on GDD value. The potential land for soybean cultivation in West Sumatra based on land suitability class, physical characteristics, and GDD value is 555,791.66 hectares in class S1 (very suitable) and an area of 2,313,796.44 hectares in class S2 (appropriate enough). The most optimal planting time for soybean cultivation is in August. Lima Puluh Kota Regency, Pasaman Regency, Sijunjung Regency, and Solok Regency have land suitable for soybean cultivation with more than 200 thousand hectares of areas and are in areas with growing degree days suitable for soybean growth.


Delvi Yanti (Primary Contact)
Omil Charmyn Chatib
Imelda Safitri
Nadya Nur Hasanah
YantiD., ChatibO. C., SafitriI., & HasanahN. N. (2024). Mapping the Potential Development of Soybenas Crops Based on Growing Degree Days. Jurnal Keteknikan Pertanian, 12(1), 57-76.

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