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Every year, Indonesia's population grows, resulting in the conversion of agricultural land into residential neighborhoods. The production of Indonesian agricultural crops suffers as a result. One answer to this challenge is to build a plant factory. A plant factory is a regulated setting where plants are grown. To obtain perfect microclimate conditions for plants, it is vital to monitor and control the microclimate at the plant factory. Microclimate data can be monitored online via the internet of things, allowing you to access the most up-to-date information faster. The goal of this research is to develop a microcontroller-based internet of things microclimate monitoring and control system, as well as to evaluate the control system's performance in maintaining appropriate microclimate conditions. The research was conducted in four stages: design of the control system scheme, design of the software, design of the hardware, and data analysis. The obtained microclimate data were examined by comparing the real data to the set point. The results showed that the average temperature in running 1 was approximately 26.58 oC and the average humidity was around 76.22%, while the setpoint was at 27 oC and 75%. The average temperature in running 2 was approximately 25.82 oC and the average humidity was around 61.58 %, while the setpoint was at 26 oC and 60%.


Micro Climate Control Plant factory Internet of Things Microcontroller Monitoring System

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