Peer Review Process

The Journal Editor Advisory Board of Al-Muzara’ah will determine whether the manuscipt is eligible to be published in this journal. Peer review process will be done after the initial screening by the editorial board. The members of the National and International Editorial Peer Review Board, who will perform the peer reviews, comprise renowned national and international academicians and practitioners specializing in various Islamic economics, development, leadership, business, management, and agricultural fields.

The process of reviewing the manuscript from submissing to publishing through the following channels:

  1. Manuscript submission by author
  2. Initial screening (guideline, scope, and plagiarism) by editor
  3. Accepted --> submit to reviewers; Rejected --> return to author
  4. Reviewers’ report given by reviewers to editor
  5. The manuscript is returned to author to resubmit revision based on reviewers’ and editor’s  report and comments
  6. Author resubmit manuscript
  7. Final screening
  8. Accepted manuscript will be published accordingly.

All manuscripts submitted are checked by qualified peer review and the authors are subject to double blind peer review whose identities will remain anonymous. The peer reviewers should examine the manuscript and return it with their recommendation to editor, usually within 2 or 4 weeks. Comments and recommendations from the reviewers help the editor to decide whether or not to publish the manuscript in our journal. Editor may request the author to revise the manuscript before making the final decision. Author have to return the revised manuscript within 2 to 4 weeks.