Bengen, Dietriech G., Indonesia

  • Forum Pasca Sarjana Vol. 33 No. 4 (2010): Forum Pascasarjana - Articles

    The mangrove area of Togean Islands have been used for marine ecotourism activities.  The increasing of anthropogenic activities affected to decreasing of mangrove area and mangrove tourism attractive.  This research aim to assess characteristic and suitability of mangrove forest area for mangrove ecotourism uses.  The data were analyzed using principal component analysis (PCA) and spatial analysis with geographic information system (GIS) approach.  The result showed that the correlation value of those four parameters was relatively higher in November than in July.  Those parameters were the component that forms the main axis in both month. The increasing of turbidity and decreasing of salinity in November rather than in July were correlated with rainy season.  Generally, mangrove area in Togean Islands was suitable with conditional categories to mangrove ecotourism uses.  Ecotourism has the most potential to meet these goals and it will be able to tackle most of the problems when GIS technology would be used as a tool to minimize the impact.


    Keywords: area suitability, mangrove, ecotourism, Togean Islands

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  • Forum Pasca Sarjana Vol. 32 No. 4 (2009): Forum Pascasarjana - Articles

    Diverse activities in Spermonde Islands cause serious damage of coral reef and seagrass ecosystem.  This research is aimed to assess appropriateness and carrying capacity of gavernance of marine fishery tourism in Spermonde Islands.  The research was conducted from March to July 2008 in several islands within Spermonde Archipelago i.e. Sapuli, Satando, Saugi, Cambang-Cambang, Salemo, Sakoala, Sabangko, Sagara, Sabutung and Gusung Torajae.  The research stations were determined based on result of satellite images.  Date collected were water quality, interview data, and secondary data.  Analysis method of ecosystem condition used line intercept transects, environmental characteristics used principal component analysis, relationship between environmental characteristics and ecosystem potency applied correspondence analysis. feasibility analysis was continued with analysis of carrying capacity.  Results of the research showed that condition of live coral and seagrass were categorized as bad to good.  Based on feasibility analysis, it is known that carrying capacity of floating fish cage is 380 units, seaweed culture is 326 units, scuba diving tourism is 41.58 people/day, snorkeling is 17.82 people/day, coastal tourism is 11.754 people/day, and potency of coral fish is 71.21 tones/year


    Keywords: potency, carrying capacity, Spermonde Islands
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