Identification of Bioactive Compounds and α-Glucosidase Inhibition Activity of Caesalpinia bonduc Seed Extract In vitro

  • Oczhinvia Dwitasari Department of Biochemistry, IPB University
  • Djarot Sasongko Hami Seno Department of Biochemistry, IPB University
  • Mega Safithri Department of Biochemistry, IPB University


This study is aimed for finding alternative ways to treat diabetes. Many studies have been
done before, but focused on identification of α-glucosidase inhibition mechanism. This study was
conducted by extracting Caesalpinia bonduc seed using two methods maceration by ethanol 96%
and the others boil by water. The ethanol extract was then fractioned into three fractions, n-hexane,
ethyl acetate, and ethanol. To find the bioactive compounds, the ethanol extract was then tested by
several phytochemistry tests. The phytochemistry test showed positive results for alkaloid, flavonoid,
saponin and triterpenoid. The inhibition mechanism was tested using pNPG. The inhibition test
shown that the mechanism was a competitive inhibition, by the Dixon plot. The calculated inhibition
concentrations for 50% substrate (IC50) for ethyl acetate fraction are 1655.8079 μg/ml for 5 mM
substrate and 803.9521 μg/ml for 10 mM substrate. From the results of this study, we concluded that
the extract of Caesalpinia bonduc has inhibition activity toward α-glucosidase enzyme.

Keywords: α-glucosidase inhibition, Caesalpinia bonduc seed extract, diabetes treatment