Parasitoid Telur pada Hama Kubis Plutella xylostella (L.) (Lepidoptera : Yponomeutidae)

  • Araz Meilin
  • Purnama Hidayat
  • Damayanti Buchori
  • Utomo Kartosuwondo


Egg parasitoids of the diamonback mont, Plutella xylostella (L.) (Lepidoptera : Yponomeutidae) have never been reported in Indonesia. In this study, eggs of P.xylostella were collected from cabbage planation in Cisarua-Bogor, Ciloto-Cianjur, Cikole-Lembang (West Java), Tawangmangu (Central Java), and Malang (East Java). Three species of parasitoids were colleted from all areas, Trichogrammatoidea armigera Nagaraja emerged from eggs colledted from Cisarua-Bogor, Cikole-Lembang, and Ciloto-Cianjur, and Trichogramma flandersi Nagaraja and Nagarkatti (Hymenoptera : Trichogrammatidae) was only found from the eggs collected from Tawangmangu. The morphological character of the parasitoids are discussed


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