Keragaman Struktur Mikoriza Arbuskula pada Gulma

Syamsul Hadi, Agustin Wydia Gunawan, Yadi Setiadi


We examined the presence of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) structures in 15 species of weeds on abandoned area prior to soybean crops, including the dominant species Paspalum conjugatum and Borreria alata. All of the weed revealed AM symbiosis and almost half of them have high level (>90%) percentage of AM fungi colonization. Arum-type of AM colonization found on 13 species of weeds, while Paris-type AM colonization were found on 10 species. Intermediate type of arbuscules were only found on 6 spesies. In this study we also examined the presence of vesicles.

Key words: arbuscular mycorrhizae, arum type, paris type, weed