Subscription & Manuscript Charge

1) Subscription for Print Copy:

  • PAPPI members: Rp 250.000/2 issues per year +new member card (including shipping and   handling)
  • NON PAPPI members: Rp 125.000/issues (not including shipping and handling)

2) Manuscript charge:

  • PAPPI members: Rp 1.300.000,-/manuscript (including photo or page color)
  • NON PAPPI members: Rp 1.500.000,-/manuscript (including photo or page color)

The financial contribution is tranfered to the following account:

Name of account owner: HIMPRO PAPPI

Number of account BNI: 0180556094

Confirmation payment should be sent to Desiar Ismoyowati, CP: +628129327547 and e-mail: