Physical Characteristic, Chemical Composition and Organoleptic Test of Merawang Chicken Egg Fed with Omega-3 Supplementation Diet

  • Iman Rahayu HS


Chicken egg is a good quality animal protein source. The quality of the egg can be improved with spesific feeding, such as omega-3 supplemented diet. Merawang chicken is one of local Indonesian chicken domesticated at Bangka Island, South Sumatera, and popular as a layer bird. The aim of this research was to study the effect of omega-3 supplementation on the physical characteristic, chemical composition and organoleptic test of Merawang chicken eggs. One hundred and thirty six eggs (73 eggs were control and 63 eggs was omega-3 suplemented) were collected from 64 Merawang chicken for eleven weeks. Feeding were arranged isonitrogenous (15.8%) and isocaloric (2650 kkal/kg), and fed ad libitum. Omega-3 feeding was produced from fermentation of soybean waste (ampas tahu) and mold (Rhizopus oligosporus), then mixed with sea fish oil waste (1:1, w/w). The result showed that no significant effect of the treatment on physical characteristic parameter. Omega-3 eggs significantly (P<0.05) increased the ratio of width and length of eggs. The score of yolk was increased in omega-3 eggs which indicated increase of omega-3 fatty acids and Æ’Ã’ caroten contents. The total lipid and cholesterol contents were lower (P<0.05) in omega-3 eggs, however, omega-3 fatty acids component (linolenat, EPA and DHA) increased 10 and 6 times than control. Organoleptic test of colour, flavor, texture and taste of white portion, yolk portion and whole eggs were generally accepted by the panelis, both in the control and omega-3 eggs.

Key words : Physical composition, chemical quality, organoleptic test, Merawang chicken egg, omega-3 supplement