PENINGKATAN MUTU MI KERING JAGUNG DENGAN PENERAPAN KONDISI OPTIMUM PROSES DAN PENAMBAHAN MONOGLISERIDA [Quality Improvement of Dried Corn Noodle through the Optimization of Processing Conditions and Addition of Monoglyceride]

. Subarna, Tjahja Muhandri, Budi Nurtama, Antung Sima Firlieyanti


The objective of this research was to improve the quality of dried corn noodle through the optimization of processing condition using a cooking-forming extruder and the addition of monoglyceride. The process conditions was optimized using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) based on two processing parameters i.e., extruder temperatures (80-90°C) and screw speeds (75-125 rpm). The optimum condition of cooking extrusion was obtained at 9C and 75 rpm. However, the noodle firmness and stickiness were unsatisfactory. The use of 1% Glyseryl Mono Stearate significantly improved the quality of the noodle with acceptable firmness, elasticity, and elongation. However, the cooking loss and stickiness were still high.


dried corn noodle; Glyseryl Mono Stearate; noodle quality; preference test; Response Surface Methodology

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