The Effects of Organic Matter and N, P, K Fertilizer on Nutrient Uptake and Yield of Corn in Inceptisol Ternate

Idris Abd Rachman, Sri Djuniwati, Komarudin Idris


The objective oj the research was to study the effects oj organic matter and N, P, K Jertilizer on nutrients uptake and
yield oj corn in Inceptisol Ternate. The design oj the research was Jactorial completely randomized block design with two
Jactors. The first Jactor was the rate oj organic matter (0, 20, 40 tlha) or (B(), B, and B z) and the second Jactor was the rate oj N, P, KJertilizer (0.5; I and /.5 recommended rate) or (Flo F] and F JJ. The results oj research showed that combination oj B ,F] gave the highest amount oj the corn leave at 42 days after
planting, the weight oj corn with husk cover, the weight corn grains, and K-availability oj soil. Whereas, the rate oj 20 tlha
organic matter (B,) significantly increased and gave the highest weight oj corn without husk cover, NPK corn plant content
and P uptake. The average NPK plant uptake oJcorn was 31.41-39.39 kg Nlha, 6.03-/2.54 kg Plha, 37.5-41.70 kg Klha. The average production oj corn was 5. /6-7.83 tlha.

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